Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mossy Stream

Mossy stream

There is a very fine line between pride and conceit, and I really don't want to cross that line, but, honestly, I love this photo.

Finding the shot was a truly lucky happenstance. On a whim, I stopped and walked down a trail. The trail led to a small quiet beach with a small stream emptying into the ocean. I took about 30 pictures, some of which will be inhabiting my blog over the next few days.

I'm also changing the way I license the pictures. Under a creative commons license, you'll be able to view these pictures in a larger format on the Flickr site (click on the picture, then click on the little icon above the picture that says "All Sizes" to see).

1 comment:

Thiên said...

It is indeed a great shot, Paul. :) I also love photographing moving water with greens and browns in it. I got some great shots of east coast beach water last year in CT while visiting family. Have a great weekend!

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