Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Future

The Future

We were making our last visit to our local "Dream Dinners" tonight (that particular branch is closing). Just before we left, we caught a glimpse of this darling little girl obviously enrapt in her video contraption.

Our friends, the Discourser and his lovely charming wife, who are both educators, made the comment that we were glimpsing the future. This is who they would be teaching soon. This is representative of who would be in charge in what will seem like a very few years.

They will be a generation linked into technology in a way that exceeds their parents in an exponential manner to the way their parents exceeded their parents. She will be comfortable with computers the way her grandparents where comfortable with screwdrivers. She will likely never crack open a volume of a printed encyclopedia, unless she attends a really backwater school.

She'll never know a time when it was ludicrous to assume a black man or a woman could be president. She'll live in a time when she can be in Paris, or Dubai, or Guangzhou within a day.

It's an interesting future, and she looks like she's getting ready for it.

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