Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OKC Rises on a cold winter morning -- part 1


Sorry for the whole "Placeholder" thing. Our internet is down at the house, so I had to muscle my way though trying to edit the blog on the wife's iPhone, which proved daunting (especially since I really didn't have a good pic for the day).

Part 2, posted later today (Wednesday, 1/6) is actually a REALLY good shot, so be sure to check in around 3:00 or so this afternoon (CST).

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Contessa Kris said...

Love the colors of the sky in this picture. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Our pup is a full bred Shih Tzu, she is just a ratty one. lol Shorter hair right now as we shaved her down in September and it takes awhile to grow back to a long length.

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