Monday, November 21, 2011

RIP Sweet Mercy


I can't begin to tell you how hard this post is to write.

I've written about Mercy a couple of times, and you can look at the tag on the bottom of the post window to read about her.

On Saturday morning, Caryn and I had to make the decision to release her from diseased and broken body. She had been struggling with Canine Renal Failure for a few months, and while she had put up a valiant fight, she simply reached the point where she couldn't go on further and maintain any real quality of life.

If you had told me 16 months ago that I would be a complete and utter basket case over the loss of a 5.4 lb dog, I would have questioned your judgement of my sanity. Today, however, I'm having trouble reading the screen through the lens of tears that keep swelling up in my eyes.

So many wonderful people have written us or posted on her facebook page, telling us about how she inspired them with her courage, forgiving nature, and indomitable perseverance.

What I do know is that I'll never be the same because of her short time with us. I'm a better human being because she let me love and care for her.


Lowell said...

If it's any comfort to you, I do know exactly how you feel. We had to let our Golden Retriever, Haley, go back in June.

The feelings of grief were unbearable, almost. There is not a day that goes by that I don't look for her and think about what a joy she was to have as a member of our household!

People tell me that I must be thankful for all the good times, and I am, but that does not mitigate the terrible sense of loss!

My best wishes to you and your family!

Bibi said...

So sad, but I feel you did the right thing. I've had to part from a beloved dog, too....I still miss her, despite my present dog.

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