Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nut Trees

Nut Trees

On my home from taking Clayton back to Davis, I stopped an took this shot.

I'm embarrassed to say, I really don't know what the crop is, but given the fact that the name of the exit is "Nut Tree Road", that it must be SOME sort of nut...


USelaine said...

It's hard to tell without leaves or flowers - there are so many different orchards in the area. The Nut Tree used to be quite a nice roadstop eatery when I was a kid. Central Valley farmers could even fly in to the airstrip to have dinner, then out again.

Anonymous said...

Pecans comes to mind. There is also a reason for painting the trunks but I am so old I forgot. I am not saying for sure these are pecan trees but that seems like it might be.

I hope you have a nice week.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

KT said...

They usually paint the trunks with a compound that keeps insects from burrowing into the bark.

tsunami said...

I, I say son. What you got yourself there is a walnut tree, son.

They take the heartier root stock of a black walnut tree and graft on an english walnut for the fruit wood. So you get a rough barked bottom from the black walnut and a smoother barked top from the english walnut. The white stuff is white wash. It stops the bark from sun burning/scalding, stopping the tree from prematurely coming out of dormancy, and/or stops the trunk from checking due to un-even heating on frosty winter days (the sun heats up one side of the trunk and it expands faster than the cold, shady side causing the wood to split/crack/check.

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