Friday, July 30, 2010

Iconic OKC Eateries -- Sonic


I know, you are saying "Wait just a cotton pickin' minute here son, we got one of those here in Augusta" (or, alternately "Whadaya talkin' about, we gots one of them just down the block in Brooklyn"), but you should know that Sonic was born, and still is corporate headquartered, in Oklahoma.

Back in the 50's, Troy Smith was going to open a fancy steakhouse in Shawnee on the site of a small fried chicken joint he had bought right after WW2. While he was waiting on building up the capital needed to expand that, he decided to put up a stand in the parking lot that sold root-beer and hot dogs. Little did he know, but the root-beer stand would end up making MUCH more money than even the steakhouse he had envisioned, so he scrapped that original idea and expanded the stand instead. Several years later, his Top Hat Drive-In became Sonic.

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