Thursday, July 29, 2010



I'm taking a short break from the "Iconic OKC Eateries" to bring you one of our newest foster dogs.

This is Mercy.

That thing below her nose is a tumor. It has displaced all of her teeth, but it does not appear to have metastasized anywhere else in her body.

She also has wet lungs, an old injury to her spine and a fluxating patella.

Not that any of that stops her. She eats well, drinks by sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth, and loves to be around people.

The amazing set of vets working with our organization, the wonderful Schrag Animal Clinic has discounted their services down to the bone, but with all this girl needs, it is still going to beat up the OK Yorkie budget.

So, we are asking for help. Visit this link: We are a 503c3 tax exempt organization, so anything you donate is tax deductable, and anything that is given will be used 100% exclusively for vet care. I'm also going to put the badge with the donation link on the side over there ------>

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