Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mercy + a blatent attempt to get some money for the rescue!


Y'all remember Mercy, right? She was the girl with the tumor in her mouth, the wet lungs (later found to be emphysema, and luxating patellas.

Well, she's doing REALLY well (in major part due to you wonderful folks that donated to her chipin). She's always going to have problems, but absolutely nothing stops her. The tumor is gone, the emphysema is being controlled, and she sleeps in a warm comfortable bed each night. She is starting to trust and even enjoy lap time.

She's also got a forever home -- us. We adopted her right after Christmas.

So, anyway, the Bissel corporation (maker of fine rug cleaners, among other things) is sponsoring a contest. Each week, the dog with the most votes will move on to the finals, with the winner of the finals getting $10,000 donated to the rescue of their choice. Mercy is registered here ( with the proceeds going, of course, to OK Yorkie Rescue. Voting opened today, and each person can vote once a day.

Mercy would not be here if it wasn't for OK Yorkie Rescue. Please help her give back to the organization by voting, and letting your friends know. Then go back and repeat every day. We'll let you know if we win a week and can go to the finals.

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