Monday, February 15, 2010

Catch up for Saturday -- Clearly, I'm not in Iowa


Yeah, I know, I missed both Saturday and Sunday, but I'm going to do 2 pictures today and 2 tomorrow to catch up.

Saturday's picture references a peculiarly Oklahoman thing. Most of the gas stations here proudly point out the fact that they sell "100% real gas" without ethanol. I've even heard people talking about how their mileage has "doubled" without ethanol.

Um, 1) I doubt it. I've measured mileage fairly extensively with and without ethanol, and I find the ethanol mileage to be about the same or slightly better than the "real" gas.

2) Even 100% "real" gas is going to contain some ethanol. Cracking petroleum is a pretty complex process, and gasoline is a melange of pretty much the hydrocarbon gamut, INCLUDING ethanol.

It seems to break down to a lefty-righty thing. There is one brand of gas station that sells both kinds. The "God-fearing patriotic gas" comes in red pumps, while the "socialist pinko gas" comes in blue pumps. There is another station near work that sells both kinds. The ethanol free comes through a hose on the right side of the pump, while the E10 comes out the left side (similarly to the way some stations have diesel on one side and unleaded on the other).

By the way, E10 is about 20 cents a gallon LESS than the ethanol free stuff.

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