Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why The Black Market Breeders Bill is SO important!


This, of course, is Baxter, our puppy mill rescue. You can read more about his story here.

The Oklahoma Senate is debating SB 1712, the Commercial Pet Breeders bill, aka the "Black Market Breeders Bill" tomorrow afternoon. This bill treats pet breeders with 11 or more intact females as a regulated business, like locksmiths, pawn shop owners, and dental hygenists. It creates a board to set standards for care. It gives the state and local officials a significant tool in finding and shutting down puppy mills. It does not provide a tremendous burden on responsible breeders who are already taking care of their legal and moral obligations. It does not affect farmers or hunters who breed working dogs. It is a self funded measure, so it doesn't affect the states already stretched budget. It is not a perfect bill, but it is the best chance we have to make any progress in reducing the number of puppy mills in this state (Oklahoma is currently #2 in the country, behind Missouri, in puppy mills).

Our Governor here is term limited. This is important, because the most likely candidate to win that office is our current Lt. Governor, Jari Askins. Ms. Askins told NABRA (the National American Breeding Rights Association, aka the folks that protect puppy mills) that if elected Governor, she would "never sign an 'animal rights bill'".

In other words, if we don't get this done this year, we may not see any movement on this issue for many, many years.

So, if you are reading this and you live in Oklahoma, or you are reading this and you have any influence over anyone in Oklahoma, then please, please, do not let your (or your loved one's) senator go into that chamber tomorrow afternoon (session starts at 1:30) thinking that his or her constituents don't support SB 1712.

Call them, write them, fax them, visit them. IT IS THAT IMPORTANT .

The site to locate your state senator is here.

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