Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ABC Wednesdays -- V is for Vanilla


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Roger Owen Green said...

where did you buy that? or where was it manufactured so thaat it was labeled in 2 languages?

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Paul F said...

Watkins products are actually sold at Walmart -- it's their "upscale" brand of extracts.

Gayle said...

Just the mention of vanilla awakens my senses - I love the aroma.

Ann said...

This is a fancy bottle, looks like the Sloan bottle.

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks so much for your contribution – I keep vanilla pods in our sugar jar for a treat!

I try to visit as many contributors as possible each week but sometimes I just dont manage it, but we have a great ABC team and between us we see that everybody gets a comment. We are coming to the end of the current round and plans are in store for the next round, I do hope you will be part of the fun! If you would like to be part of the team just drop me an e-mail :-

Denise Nesbitt
ABC Wednesday founder & team member

denisebydesigns at googlemail dot com

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