Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alien Seed Pod from Hell!!


We have a sweetgum tree in the back yard. If you aren't familiar with this tree, they are a very nice variety, with pretty, regular, palmate leaves with star-like points.

Then, there's the seed pod.

This thing looks like it's about to jump down your throat and then burst through your chest after it gestates. It doesn't look much better after it dries, turns brown, and falls off the tree.

1 comment:

anitanola said...

When I was a child, during the depression, a neighbor would take us to the woods in the fall to collect these sweet gum balls, as well as pinecones and leaves, some of which we painted with silver paint to use for Christmas decorations. The same neighbor showed us how to dig sassafras roots and boil them for a tea which tasted like root beer.

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