Monday, June 7, 2010

Man, I really HATE puppy millers...


This is Honey, our newest foster.

Honey came to us engorged with milk. In other words, the scum that threw her away TOOK HER AWAY FROM HER NURSING PUPPIES. The vet gave us the blue stocking to help her reabsorb her milk and bring her uterus back tight. It will likely be about 3 weeks or so before she can be spayed, and another couple of weeks after that before she’ll be adoptable. Of course, once she is adoptable, she’ll go fast – she is very sweet and affectionate, even given how badly she’s been treated. I can’t even imagine how her puppies are doing, given that, as I said, they were still nursing when their mom was ripped from their pen. I guess I can be happy that they didn’t just shoot her or throw her up against a tree to get rid of her.

This is what happens when you buy dogs from pet stores like Petland. They get their dogs en masse from breeders who produce so many dogs that they lose their sense of humanity when it comes to the care of their breeding stock.

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